Free Hellmann’s® All-New Stick Pack

I’m not going to go ahead and say that I am one of those people who hate mayonnaise (I legitimately know a guy who is so appalled by it that he said he wouldn’t stick his hand in a jar of mayo for a million dollars), BUT I certainly am continually annoyed packing making sandwiches for lunchboxes as the mayonnaise jar gets down to the bottom – scraping the bottom – mayo all over. Just as bad – trying to open a single serve packet and it spraying everywhere.

Looks like Hellmann’s® has figured it out with their all-new, easy to use Stick Pack.

Check out the video here:

Not only this, but they’re really pumping the new product by giving out free samples to prove that there’s no waste, no mess, when using it.

I’m going to check it out – if nothing else, this is a great way to pack lunches and make sure that sandwiches don’t get soggy waiting until lunchtime!

Hellmann’s® Stick Pack

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