My Latest Crush: The Clymb®

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to run, not walk [no pun intended], to and sign up. I often find that when I sign up for ‘discount retail sites’, I end up buying things unnecessarily. Not so much the case here.

The Clymb® offres 50-75% off of retail prices on the best outdoor gear, apparel, and even trips around the globe, w/ free membership.

We have a fairly active family between extracurricular sports as well as my husband’s and I’s regular gym regimens. I’ve bought a ton from this site – big names at low prices. From $20 girl’s swimsuits from Roxy, to $15 New Balance gym shoes, to a $35 hiking backpack, to $20 gym wear, it’s been win after win with this website in my household.

As if the prices aren’t low enough, they often send out brief additional sales – that’s how I nabbed those New Balance’s for such an insane price – they were an additional 50% off the already discounted price!

I’d give it a go – I don’t buy things from it regularly, but whenever I need something, they always have it at the absolute best price.


The Clymb®

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