I’ve been following Woot! for awhile now – I unsubscribed from their emails awhile back, so I fell off a bit in terms of purchasing items from them, but once in awhile I visit the site (like today) and remember how awesome it is.

Woot! offers multiple daily deals in short-term sales across 11 different categories:

  • Home
  • Electronics
  • Computers
  • Tools & Garden
  • Sport
  • Accessories & Watches
  • Kids
  • Shirts
  • Wine
  • Sellout
  • Side Deals

There’s certainly no shortage of options, just a shortage of time. Most deals only run for 24 hours, so it capitalizes on users making a quick decision on whether or not they want a product. Once you commit, you are really committed. Woot! only accepts returns for damaged and defective items, not for personal reasons or ‘buyer’s remorse’.

Who wouldn’t want a Mood Shirt, featured today?

Mood Shirt

Mood Shirt [woot.com]

All kidding aside, there’s some awesome stuff on here. Just looking today, I see at least 5 things I want…I should probably get off the site now…haha!

My suggestion to  you: get on their email list for categories you are most likely to need items from, and get a daily overview on what the offerings are.

Check it out here.

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