Do I Need Cable?

In this day and age, I’m really beginning to wonder if I need cable. It’s costing me hundreds of dollars a month, when I really find myself so much more often relying on my DVR, Netflix, Apple TV, or Hulu. Yet, I have this strange attachment and an innate fear of cutting ties with cable. Today I decided that I wanted to make the call once and for all and did some research.

Here’s my biggest concerns:

  • Wanting to simply watch mindless television sometimes. Can I still do this and surf around without cable?
  • Live sporting events

Both of these concerns were immediately squashed in my research. You DO NOT need cable to access great tv shows, movies, and live sporting events. What you DO need is to know your options.

Here are some:

Moral of the story here: you have options. Explore them + figure out what is best for you, and your wallet! Comment with any of your cable-cutting tips please!

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