Make RetailMeNot A Habit

Wanted to share a habit that is so ingrained into my online shopping habits that I hardly think twice before doing it: RetailMeNot coupon codes.


RetailMeNot []

Whenever you purchase ANYTHING online, from clothes to a pizza, there is almost always a special field for ‘Coupon Code’ or ‘Coupon Promo’ – this is not for special people. This is for everyone, if you play your cards right!

Go to and search for whatever site you are purchasing something from. I’ve found that about 75% of the time, I can get whatever I’m purchasing for cheaper, or get free shipping. I can’t imagine how much money I wasted before I made this part of my routine!

You can even visit their site before you shop to see where the promos are, they present their trending deals and can direct you to where you will find what you need for the cheapest. ADDICTED.

Not only can you find coupon codes, but I LOVE that they show you how many people used the coupon today, as well as the success rate – you don’t have to waste your time trying knowing other people have already tried and succeeded or failed.

For example, today I decided I wanted to try Peapod home delivery groceries. A friend told me that it makes her life significantly easier. As I loaded up my cart, a quick search  on RetailMeNot before checkout yielded SO many deals, some for new customers, some on your first order, some on pick up orders – deals for every person interested in Peapod.


Peapod on RetailMeNot []

Here’s the one I ended up using. It worked and I saved $20 off of my usual grocery price. Not too shabby! I encourage you all to make RetailMeNot a habit in your life 🙂

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