Happy Friday, All!

Here we are at the end of the week. Hopefully you all have some great things planned for the weekend with friends and family as summer starts to wane.

The Anders’ will be trying to keep cool, but staying local this weekend – which gives us tons of time to spend some quality time together, organize the house, and prepare for the upcoming week! Before I delve into the awesomeness that is tomorrow’s “holiday”, #nationalmustardday, I wanted to remind everyone that LiveCheapFeelRich has a Pinterest board – it’s chock full of cheap recipes, DIY ideas, coupons & freebies, and, for your weekend family needs, some great ideas for inexpensive activities – be sure to check it out and follow!

Now that that’s been said…let’s get down to business. Tomorrow is #NationalMustardDay!

Frankly, as a child, nothing was more disgusting to me than mustard. At this time in my life, I cannot imagine so many things without it! I am a huge, huge fan – sweet, spicy, dijon, yellow – I love it all!

I am hoping that some national deals on mustard will reveal themselves as today carries on into tomorrow, as none have surfaced yet.

What I do know is that I’ve recently discovered some incredible new mustards in my life that I’d love to share with you.

1) Sir Kensington


Sir Kensington’s Mustard [luckyvitamin.com]

I’ve recently purchased 2 different types of Sir Kensington’s mustard – their standard yellow + their dijonnaise. I can’t explain it, but something about their products is just SO superior to the standard. We’ve been using the yellow on grilled hot dogs and burgers this summer, and the dijonnaise is absolutely perfect as a sandwich spread – I’ve also used it in deviled eggs! Our family may never go back to Heinz and French’s again…

2) Kozliks


Kozlik’s Mustard [kosliks.com]

One of my very best friends lives in Toronto, CA. A few months ago, I paid her a visit, and we took a stroll through the St. Lawrence Market. I was awestruck by the Kozliks post – small batch, Canadian mustard of so, so many varieties. This stuff was incredible! You could try any of them by dipping pretzels in. I was so overwhelmed by how much I loved ALL of them, from the sweet to the savory, that I decided I’d need some time to reflect. Luckily, their online store has their entire selection. I’d recommend any and ALL of them – perfect for you or as a gift for a fellow mustard lover.

Check these out guys! I’ll keep you posted 100% on any awesome deals I see going into #nationalmustardday!

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