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Similac® Strong Moms®

Hey everyone!

This is a really legitimate promotion from Similac®. They offer a free membership to Similac® Strong Moms®, a club that gives users nutrition guidance and feeding help for every week of your pregnancy all the way through your baby’s first year. I so wish I had this as a resource through my pregnancies.

They advertise that you can receive up to $329 in benefits, from free formula, to messenger bags, to trimester gifts!


Similac® Strong Moms® []

 In addition to all the free swag, you get nutritional guidance, tips to get ready for child birth and breastfeeding, emails about baby growth and development, and live nutritional support from their FeedingExpert team.

Sounds like an incredible resource for mommies to be!

Sign up here to be a part of this community!

Nonstop Deals from Joe’s Crab Shack

I recently attended a family wedding in the greater Philadelphia area. Our hotel happened to be right next to a Joe’s Crab Shack – we checked it out for some appetizers, and while we were there, we were encouraged to join the email list.

Just for joining the list, we were given a complimentary appetizer, on the spot.

Since then, I get awesome daily emails, from discounted specials, to $10 off, to complimentary drinks or appetizers, just for coming in and being on their list. Unfortunately, I don’t live nearby a location, but if I did, I’d be going in all the time!


Emails from Joe’s

I think Joe’s is an awesome option for a fast casual restaurant. Being that I am a huge seafood fan, I may be a little bit biased, but I think that they have great options. You can get seafood boils, peel and eat, etc. – so many options that don’t require deep frying. For the non-seafoodies, plenty of options as well.

That being said, check out their signup for the newsletter here. You won’t regret it!

FREE Cooking Salts!

I’m getting pretty into flavored salts as of recent. I’ve found that they make marinades, pastas, potatoes, dressings – ANYTHING more exciting and flavorful.

As I was looking around for a nice set to purchase for a gift, I stumbled upon these free samples!


Rosemary, Lemon, and Garlic Salt! []

Owner, Tess Geer, wet-cures her salts with fresh garlic, rosemary, lemon peel, shallots, and other ingredients. Salt is then dried at a low heat for several hours to make the final product. The concentrated flavor in Gourmet Salt Blends’ wet cured salts means that you can use less salt and get more flavor. Sounds like a win-win to me!

You can buy them from her website, but try them first with the free sample, where you get to try 3 different types: Rosemary, Lemon, and Garlic Salt.

Get cookin’!

Buying in Bulk

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

As promised yesterday, today I wanted to kick off blogging with a buying in bulk tutorial. Is it worth it? Are there items worth buying in bulk? Are there items you should never buy in bulk? Are you actually saving by buying in bulk? Let’s get some answers.

In a US News article, they highlight 3 huge sources of “bulk-buying failure”:

1. Perishable items

2. Unnecessary items

3. Items you don’t have room to store

These are all pretty sensible. Perishable items you’ll have to make absolutely sure you can finish before they go bag. Personally, I find that sometimes I have trouble finishing normal sized perishable items, so bulk perishable is simply not on the table for purchase, unless there’s a party to plan for. Unnecessary items are exactly as they seem: unnecessary. Buy items in bulk that you regularly use and KNOW you will use. Otherwise, you’ll be finding yourself trying to take hundreds of Tootsie Rolls to the face, just because. And, of course, always make sure you have room to store bulk items, otherwise they are just a hassle.

“Good” bulk items:

1. Bathroom items: toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo&conditioner, etc. These are items that you use daily and always find yourself running low on. You’ll never be upset to have extra of these things.

2. Household items/cleaners: trash bags, detergents, etc. Same story as bathroom items – you’ll always need these things!

3. Dried pastas, beans, rices: these will never go bad, and you will always find use for them. Great to have on hand.

4. Household and office supplies: notebooks, pens, lightbulbs, etc. These things never get old and always need to be replaced.

Now let’s get to a price breakdown for the top bulk stores. This should help you figure out what option is your best!



Costco []

Executive Membership: Executive Membership is our highest level of membership. All Executive Members enjoy a 2% Reward (up to $750 per year) on most Costco purchases, as well as additional benefits and greater discounts on our suite of services.

Business Membership: Business Membership, available for business owners and managers, allows the purchase of products for business, personal and resale use. Business members may also add up to six additional card holders to their account for an additional $55 each, includes household membership.

Gold Star Membership: This option is mostly for individuals. Gold Star Membership is available for individuals who want to purchase products mainly for personal use.

*An article by notes that Costco is an incredible source for saving money depending on what you buy, and compiled a list of Costco items whose items will single-handedly pay for your membership fee. Tires, wine, and rotisserie chicken. Good thing we love rotisserie chicken!

Sam’s Club


Sam’s Club []

Sam’s Plus: Cost is $100. This membership allows Cash Rewards ($10 for every $500 spent, up to $500 annually), Extra Protection Service Plan (additional year of coverage), Early Shopping Hours, Extra Value Drug List for Plus Members, Optical Plus Member Benefit, Optical Discount RX Eyeglasses, Sam’s Club Mastercard, Instant Savings, Tire & Battery Center Access, Club Pickup, and Add-On Memberships up to 16 people.

Sam’s Business: Cost is $45. This membership allows Early Shopping Hours, Optical Discount RX eyeglasses, Sam’s Club Mastercard, Instant Savings, Tire & Battery Center, Club Pickup, and Add-On Memberships up to 8 people.

Sam’s Savings: Cost is $45. This membership allows Optical Discount RX Eyeglasses, Sam’s Club Mastercard, Instant Savings, Tire & Battery Center, Club Pickup, but no Add-On Memberships.

*An article by WCPO notes that Sam’s Club is a worthy membership if you shop at Sam’s Club at least 9 times, depending on how much you spend during each trip.

BJ’s Wholesale


BJ’s Wholesale []

BJ’s Perks Rewards™ Membership: A business card option, you can earn 2% back on most BJ’s in-club and online purchases. $100/year

BJ’s Business Membership: A business membership for any size business that comes with a FREE second membership card. Enjoy tax-exempt or resale options for business or personal purchases. $50/year

BJ’s Perks Rewards™ Membership: A personal version of the business option – 2% back on most BJ’s in-club and online purchases. $100/year

Personal Membership: For individuals and families with a FREE second card for a household member. $50/year

*An article on notes that BJ’s is totally worth it, especially if you buy certain items (diapers, formula, gas, and pet food are specifically mentioned)

forum on notes that you can often times get a free 30- or 60-day membership to any of the clubs. Check out your local bulk store and see if they can work with you so you can give things a trial run and see if it is worth it for you and your family! Hope this helps 🙂

Make RetailMeNot A Habit

Wanted to share a habit that is so ingrained into my online shopping habits that I hardly think twice before doing it: RetailMeNot coupon codes.


RetailMeNot []

Whenever you purchase ANYTHING online, from clothes to a pizza, there is almost always a special field for ‘Coupon Code’ or ‘Coupon Promo’ – this is not for special people. This is for everyone, if you play your cards right!

Go to and search for whatever site you are purchasing something from. I’ve found that about 75% of the time, I can get whatever I’m purchasing for cheaper, or get free shipping. I can’t imagine how much money I wasted before I made this part of my routine!

You can even visit their site before you shop to see where the promos are, they present their trending deals and can direct you to where you will find what you need for the cheapest. ADDICTED.

Not only can you find coupon codes, but I LOVE that they show you how many people used the coupon today, as well as the success rate – you don’t have to waste your time trying knowing other people have already tried and succeeded or failed.

For example, today I decided I wanted to try Peapod home delivery groceries. A friend told me that it makes her life significantly easier. As I loaded up my cart, a quick search  on RetailMeNot before checkout yielded SO many deals, some for new customers, some on your first order, some on pick up orders – deals for every person interested in Peapod.


Peapod on RetailMeNot []

Here’s the one I ended up using. It worked and I saved $20 off of my usual grocery price. Not too shabby! I encourage you all to make RetailMeNot a habit in your life 🙂

FREE Breathe Right® Samples

During a busy week, nothing is worse than being woken up by a snoring spouse. I’m willing to try anything and spotted this awesome deal today.


Breathe Right® []

You can try Breathe Right® strips for free simply by filling out this form.

You can choose between:

  • Breathe Right Extra® Clear – 50% stronger than the original strip
  • Breathe Right® Lavender – nasal congestion relief + the calming scent of lavender

Check it out! No harm in trying 🙂

Domino’s #DOMINoNo

Sports are not so much my thing. They are my husband’s thing, and he can claim that as his, no argument from me! That being said, it looks like Domino’s promotion #DOMINoNo is taking off! When a pitcher throws a no-hitter this season, you can visit, and register with your account.

After each no-hitter, on the following business day, the first 20,000 users can enter their account information and receive a code valid for a FREE medium, two-topping handmade pan pizza.

If you or someone in your family has a an account, certainly sign up! Yesterday there was a no-hitter, so today starting at 3pm (8 minutes) 20,000 pies are up for grabs!

Hurry up and enjoy!