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Cottonelle®: Go Commando

Now here’s a fun marketing campaign I found this weekend! If there’s anything that we run out of rapidly in our house it’s toilet paper. Cottonelle® is offering free toilet paper to people who join their ‘Go Commando’ campaign.

A bit racy, but the campaign claims that their new CleanRipple® toilet paper has a texture that leaves you so clean that you have all the confidence to #gocommando. You can dare a friend on Facebook (or via email, or dare yourself) to get the free sample. It’s causing quite the buzz on social media as you can imagine! Check out their hashtag.

Join the movement here!


Go Commando

Selling Old Electronics For Dummies



I am NOT a tech-savvy kind of woman, but I do tend to get the latest iPhone soon after it comes out. I find that I use my phone just SO MUCH that it’s worth it to me to splurge on the latest, fastest, nicest model.

I was cleaning out an old purse the other day and found my deactivated iPhone 5. It’s still in great shape – so I showed it to my husband and asked him if he knew anyone that could use it. His reply was that I was a total bozo and that I should sell it – guided me to

The process COULD NOT have been easier. I filled out a form explaining the condition of my phone, turned off some features, and cleared all my personal information off of it. In the same week, I was sent a prelabeled box and instructions. I put my phone inside, dropped it off at the post office, and a week later, had $84 added to my Amazon account.

No joke – that easy. Might as well have been free money. I reccommend this to ANYONE with old electronics around your house that you don’t use anymore. You’re sitting on a goldmine!

Yogi Tea! Yes, Please!


Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a LEGIT brand, so I was SO PLEASED to find this free sample online. Based out of Oregon, Yogi Teas are made with natural and organic ingredients, and many are certified organic. They are based on a proven knowledge of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and modern science – they’re healthful and delicious – and functionally effective.

They have a plethora of options and you can send 2 complimentary teas to a friend (or to yourself), choosing between the following options:

  • All New
  • Energy
  • Green Tea
  • Healthy Glow
  • Relaxation
  • Well-being

How fun! Who would you send a free sample to?

Check it out here.

FREE Sample from Wise Company!


Wise Company

Here’s something interesting I found. Wise Company is a company that provides ready-made, freeze fried and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Although I generally try to steer clear of processed things, I wouldn’t mind having some of this on hand! Whether something (knock on wood) terrible happens, or hey, even bringing camping with the family,  just in case, I think that this would be a great thing to have on hand. AND – it’s FREE. So why not?

Wise Company boasts the following perks to their product:

  • Easy to prepare – just add water.
  • Up to 25-year shelf life
  • High quality and great taste
  • Affordable and convinient

See more on their website:

Wise company is giving out FREE survival food samples (1 adult serving) just for filling out a form. Seems like a great concept.

Get yours here.


Besides basic bills and the mortgage, my most costly expense is definitely food. I’ve been asked several times to do a post on my top ‘cheap eats’ – so here you go! Enjoy, and remember, cheap does NOT have to mean fast food!

1. EGGS – eggs, eggs, eggs. I cannot stress enough how inexpensive (even buying organic) eggs are while still being incredibly easy to make AND make a variety of recipes with. Hard boiled eggs? Easy breakfast, egg salad. An omelette? Make it for breakfast or dinner, throw in the kitchen sink. Poach an egg? Throw it in ramen, top a boring salad, eggs benedict. Scramble some up, make a sandwich, a wrap. Anything – my absolute favorite!



2. RICE & BEANS – super easy, super filling. Buy either in bulk to save extra, canned beans work just as well. Throw them together and throw in anything else you may have, leftover meat or fish, some spices, peppers, onions, tomatoes – sky is the limit.


Rice and Beans

3. BAKED POTATOES – russet or sweet, these are extremely low cost – microwave or roast these in the oven, split open, and go to town. I generally keep frozen veggies on hand – broccoli and cheese is a favorite. Throw in some beans for a more protein packed meal. Go to town on this, the world is your oyster.


Baked Potato

4. TUNA – maybe we all aren’t tuna people, but I sure am. I absolutely love tuna – top a boring salad with it, throw it on some toasted bread or a wrap, etc. My guiltiest (yet still cheapest) pleasure is tuna noodles. Boil some noodles (whole wheat for some extra health), add a can of cream of mushroom soup, a little bit of cheese, tuna, salt + pepper. Thank me later.



5. LENTILS – similar to dried beans, you can buy lentils in bulk and save a ton of money. Lentil soup is one of my cheapest cost meals and lasts me almost an entire week sometimes. Here’s my favorite recipe from my favorite, Ina Garten: Ina Garten’s Lentil Soup



6. ROTISSERIE CHICKEN – though maybe one chicken won’t feed your entire family – you can do a TON with one rotisserie chicken and stretch it’s limits (not to mention, you don’t have to cook the chicken! Major time saver). Pull all the meat from the bones and make individual pot pies or a casserole. My favorite (surprise, surprise) – rotisserie chicken noodle soup. Couldn’t be easier – some onions, carrots, and celery + broth + noodles + spices and you are good to go. Done! Anything leftover? Make chicken salad for lunch tomorrow.


Rotisserie Chicken

7. PASTA – I know, I’m treading on the edge of unhealthy here – BUT, pasta is possible to do healthy too. Whole wheat noodles? Frozen shrimp? Ground turkey? Frozen veggies? My favorite? Pasta salad. EEEEEE.



8. CORN – I know this isn’t a full ‘meal’ – but corn is SHOCKINGLY inexpensive, and perfect in the summertime. Grab some fresh corn on the cob and grill, boil, or bake for the perfect side dish. Go traditional and add butter, salt + pepper, or mix things up! Mexican corn is one of my new favorites.



What’s the Deal w/ Ebates?



I’ve been hearing more and more people trying to sell me on Ebates recently – today was my day to investigate what’s up with this site! Is it legitimate? Is it real? Frankly, it sounded just a liiiittle bit too good to be true in my opinion.

Here’s what I found:

  • Joining: Upon signing up for Ebates,  you get an immediate $10 Welcome Bonus or a $10 Walmart Gift Card – no gimmicks.
  • Once you join, you can search and find any store you’d normally shop at. The selection is incredible – I honestly couldn’t find a place I’d typically shop at NOT within their selection. Some of these even count for DOUBLE cash back stores. Here’s some that are particularly big names, but the selection is incredibly vast, so please take a look for yourself: Amazon, Macy’s, QVC, Nordstrom, Ebay, Gap….
  • Check Ebates for additional coupons before you start shopping to discount your purchases even more. If there’s nothing, don’t worry – just shop normally via their links.
  • Once you place an order on one of these sites, CashBack is added to your Ebates account

THAT’S REALLY IT. IT IS THAT EASY. We all online shop, so we might as well make some of our money back while we do so. I have 2 friends that have made $50+! Better catch up….I’m sold.

Free Hellmann’s® All-New Stick Pack

I’m not going to go ahead and say that I am one of those people who hate mayonnaise (I legitimately know a guy who is so appalled by it that he said he wouldn’t stick his hand in a jar of mayo for a million dollars), BUT I certainly am continually annoyed packing making sandwiches for lunchboxes as the mayonnaise jar gets down to the bottom – scraping the bottom – mayo all over. Just as bad – trying to open a single serve packet and it spraying everywhere.

Looks like Hellmann’s® has figured it out with their all-new, easy to use Stick Pack.

Check out the video here:

Not only this, but they’re really pumping the new product by giving out free samples to prove that there’s no waste, no mess, when using it.

I’m going to check it out – if nothing else, this is a great way to pack lunches and make sure that sandwiches don’t get soggy waiting until lunchtime!

Hellmann’s® Stick Pack