Best Free (or almost free) Smartphone Budgeting Apps!

Everyone has their own preference and opinion here – what is the best budgeting app out there?

Each is similar, but has some striking differences that could make one better for you than the other. Here’s the lowdown on the top budgeting apps out there:


BUDGT for iPhone is pretty simple. highlights this app as only costing only $1.99. All you do is enter your income or amount of money you’d like to budget. You add in your daily/monthly expenses WITHOUT entering your bank information. The pro here is that you don’t need to hand over your bank credentials, the con being that this is a lot more manual of a budgeting process and you’ll need to be very diligent for this to be worth it.


Spendbook is also an iPhone app costing $1.99, but seems a little bit more involved of an app than BUDGT. Tom’s Guide lets us know that you still enter your income here and expense transactions – you can add photos (such as the item purchased or a receipt for a transaction) as well as categorize expenses and income sources. You can get as detailed as you need to get here to keep yourself organized and on track. Users of this app can also view a daily or monthly summary of expenses – charts, infographics, they’ve got it all!


Mvelopes is an Android/iOS app that is built around the envelope method of budgeting. Tom’s Guide lets us know that you can link up to 4 different online banking accounts to your profile and create a custom budget based on spending and saving goals. The app automatically adds in your online transactions and displays yous input and output in an actionable and easy way. You can also pay for this app and get some premium extras, like videos + chat support.


Prior to my research today, Mint was actually the only budgeting app I was aware of, and apparently for good reason! This is pretty awesome. says that if you want fine-tuned control over all your personal finance accounts in one app, this is your go-to. You can link cards to this app, and Mint pulls everything into one place for an overview. The best part about Mint, in my opinion, is that since the app allows you to set limits on certain categories (ie. Food & Dining, Bars, Groceries, etc.) it alerts you when you are nearing a limit of any of these categories. The ultimate guilt-inducing app.


Wally is free app for both iOS and Android that brings all your financial information to your screen for easy viewing. Users can set savings targets, spending budgets, and income. Tom’s Guide notes that they like that you can quickly create and view expenses, keep track of money saved and savings goals. One especially neat feature is that this app includes social and location tools – which shows where you spend the most and with who you save the most. Time to stop hanging out with that one friend…

Level Money

Level Money is a free app for iOS and Android. It’s simple + free, yet a great option. Tom’s Guide refers to it as ‘low-frills’ – yet it syncs with your credit cards and quickly displays how much money you can spend on any given day based on budgeting and savings goals in an easy to read, infographic manner. Seems like an awesome starter budgeting app to me.

Let us know which app YOU prefer and why! These are incredibly useful if used diligently.

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