FREE Aveda Invati™ Sample!

Hey readers!

This one is suuuuper legit! I love, love, love getting my hair done at Aveda salons – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and I rarely feel guilty about it – their lower tiered hairdressers are always a GREAT deal (pro tip: never stay for the hair dry! Hair dressers often charge more for a dry and styling, but never tell you that!).

My favorite part about Aveda salons are their incredible products – the smell of them are so great and earthy and heavenly. I can’t get enough of them! I don’t generally buy them for myself, since they’re a little pricey.

That being said, they are giving out a FREE 3-step system sample pack for thinning hair: Invati exfoliating shampoo cleanses and renews the scalp, invati™ thickening conditioner weightlessly thickens hair from within, and invati™ scalp revitalizer helps you keep the hair you have longer.


Aveda Invati™ []

Aveda says that this formula reduces hair loss due to breakage in a 12-week clinical test of the Invati™ system. Not too shabby – who doesn’t want more volume?

Not only are they giving out these FREE samples, but they are also giving out FREE services as well at participating locations!

Here’s how to get your sample:

Here’s the printable offer that’s valid at  all participating locations (most Aveda salons)

Here’s the offer for salon services also valid at all participating locations

Go, go, go!

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