Kraft Singles: Choking Hazard

What is going on this week?! First The Honest Company sunscreen saga, and now Kraft Singles!


Kraft Singles []

CBS News has reported that Kraft has announced a voluntary recall affecting 36,000 cases of American cheese slices, after the company received ~10 complaints, 3 of which complain of choking on the plastic wrapper. Looks like often times, a thin strip of the clear plastic packaging adheres to the cheese even after you remove the wrapper. It’s very difficult to see, and has resulted in a choking hazard.

The recall, luckily, only applies to some 3- and 4-pound packages of Kraft Singles American and White American in a certain date range, but if you are a bulk buyer you should double check your most recent purchases to  make sure that you don’t fall into this category and protect your kids!

Customers can return their packages for exchanges or refunds.

At least they’re responding quickly to this issue – have any of you experienced this?

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