imPRESS Manicure Sample!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I saw this awesome product on the Today show a few days ago and was super excited about it – not only do you get to try these out, but you get to try them out FOR FREE!

imPRESS Nails allow you to change your style easily and promises a no-hassle experience. Although this round is on the house, imPRESS nails press-on manicures generally cost around $6 – cheaper than a real manicure.

Each imPRESS bottle comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes, 2 nails per size – these differing widths allow most nail sizes to fit – resulting in a flawless fitting manicure that looks just like your own nails (but better!). They stick on with a similar adhesive to nail glue and generally hold for a week (for me, this is longer than a manicure generally holds for).

I’ve tried so many of these fake nail things to avoid costly manicures – and honestly, still willing to try more! Manicures are expensive, and I have the tendency to mess them up the second I leave the salon.

Click here to get a FREE imPRESS manicure sample. All you have to do is enter a mailing address, complete 5 survey questions, and share this awesome campaign with 5 of your girlfriends.

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