FREE Lindsay Olives!

What’s that food that you just….don’t like? Mine, for YEARS, was olives. I so badly wanted to like them, and wasn’t sure why I didn’t. I love other briney foods like pickles, and, as someone who tries to limit their meat intake, so many salads and veggie laden meals are filled with olives. I’m so far from a picky eater and felt, honestly, annoying, to have to ask for special orders WITHOUT olives.

I used to firmly believe in the ‘Olive Theory’ from How I Met Your Mother – no joke. The olive theory came about because Marshall, a husband in the show, hates lives, but his wife, Lily, loves them – in essence, they thought this made them a great couple – a perfect balance. Opposites attract, some may say. This was definitely the case with my husband and I – he loves olives.

Over the years, I realized that not being able to share something he loves is less fun than having ‘the perfect balance’ and I set out on a mission to like olives. As two college psycology majors, we made it happen. explains the thought process of overcoming an aversion REALLY WELL.

STEP 1: Knowing that you have a problem. Just kidding! The first step is deciding that there is value in enjoying a food you currently do not enjoy. Foods are worth discovering for taste and culture!

STEP 2: Dedicate yourself to keep trying the rejected food until you find it prepared in a way that you like. I PROMISE that there will be a way you like this, even if it is deep-fried and covered in a sauce. You’ll find one. Each time you try a new way, your taste will become more acclimated to the flavor and the aversion will dissipate.

That’s it. Keep trying! My husband swears that if you try something 22 times, then you’ll like it. Whatever the magical number is, I hit it. I can’t get enough olives now and I love every single variety in every form. One of my favorite forms is just the plain black olives, straight from the can. Does that make me crazy? I hope not.

Join me in this obsession by getting 4 FREE Lindsay Olive Products (up to $2.49 each). Unfortunately, this only works in certain states, but you are sure in luck if you live in one of them!







Print your coupons here now! Enjoy!

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