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Kraft Singles: Choking Hazard

What is going on this week?! First The Honest Company sunscreen saga, and now Kraft Singles!


Kraft Singles []

CBS News has reported that Kraft has announced a voluntary recall affecting 36,000 cases of American cheese slices, after the company received ~10 complaints, 3 of which complain of choking on the plastic wrapper. Looks like often times, a thin strip of the clear plastic packaging adheres to the cheese even after you remove the wrapper. It’s very difficult to see, and has resulted in a choking hazard.

The recall, luckily, only applies to some 3- and 4-pound packages of Kraft Singles American and White American in a certain date range, but if you are a bulk buyer you should double check your most recent purchases to  make sure that you don’t fall into this category and protect your kids!

Customers can return their packages for exchanges or refunds.

At least they’re responding quickly to this issue – have any of you experienced this?

The Honest Company: Sunscreen Saga

You all may have read my blog post on The Honest Company a few weeks back where I lauded Jessica Alba and her team for finding organic, safe, and healthy solutions to common household and beauty products.

I was both shocked and appalled to hear of the latest social media slam on The Honest Company in the past week or so of their sunscreen. posted an article today highlighting the social media trend of posting your sunburn from using The Honest Company’s 30 SPF suncreen. Some of these photos are staggering, painful, and tough to look at.


Sunburn Testimonial []


Sunburn Testimonial []

Ouch! The Honest Company defended their product to the Today Show: “the number of complaints received on our own website about our Sunscreen Lotion constitute less than one half of one percent of all units actually sold at We stand behind the safety and efficacy of this product.”

NBC Chicago did some digging and found that the company cut the amount of zinc oxide (the active ingredient in sunscreen that MAKES IT sunscreen) from 20% (normal) to 9.3% (well below average for sunscreen) and attributes this drop in the ingredient to the complaints and lack of protection that the product provides.

Looks like The Honest Company is on the defense for now, but I’m wondering if they’ll be ‘fixing’ their product or making any more public statements. It’s clearly become an issue for users and supporters, as well as their overall brand.

Have any of you guys tried this sunscreen? What do you think about all this?

Best Free (or almost free) Smartphone Budgeting Apps!

Everyone has their own preference and opinion here – what is the best budgeting app out there?

Each is similar, but has some striking differences that could make one better for you than the other. Here’s the lowdown on the top budgeting apps out there:


BUDGT for iPhone is pretty simple. highlights this app as only costing only $1.99. All you do is enter your income or amount of money you’d like to budget. You add in your daily/monthly expenses WITHOUT entering your bank information. The pro here is that you don’t need to hand over your bank credentials, the con being that this is a lot more manual of a budgeting process and you’ll need to be very diligent for this to be worth it.


Spendbook is also an iPhone app costing $1.99, but seems a little bit more involved of an app than BUDGT. Tom’s Guide lets us know that you still enter your income here and expense transactions – you can add photos (such as the item purchased or a receipt for a transaction) as well as categorize expenses and income sources. You can get as detailed as you need to get here to keep yourself organized and on track. Users of this app can also view a daily or monthly summary of expenses – charts, infographics, they’ve got it all!


Mvelopes is an Android/iOS app that is built around the envelope method of budgeting. Tom’s Guide lets us know that you can link up to 4 different online banking accounts to your profile and create a custom budget based on spending and saving goals. The app automatically adds in your online transactions and displays yous input and output in an actionable and easy way. You can also pay for this app and get some premium extras, like videos + chat support.


Prior to my research today, Mint was actually the only budgeting app I was aware of, and apparently for good reason! This is pretty awesome. says that if you want fine-tuned control over all your personal finance accounts in one app, this is your go-to. You can link cards to this app, and Mint pulls everything into one place for an overview. The best part about Mint, in my opinion, is that since the app allows you to set limits on certain categories (ie. Food & Dining, Bars, Groceries, etc.) it alerts you when you are nearing a limit of any of these categories. The ultimate guilt-inducing app.


Wally is free app for both iOS and Android that brings all your financial information to your screen for easy viewing. Users can set savings targets, spending budgets, and income. Tom’s Guide notes that they like that you can quickly create and view expenses, keep track of money saved and savings goals. One especially neat feature is that this app includes social and location tools – which shows where you spend the most and with who you save the most. Time to stop hanging out with that one friend…

Level Money

Level Money is a free app for iOS and Android. It’s simple + free, yet a great option. Tom’s Guide refers to it as ‘low-frills’ – yet it syncs with your credit cards and quickly displays how much money you can spend on any given day based on budgeting and savings goals in an easy to read, infographic manner. Seems like an awesome starter budgeting app to me.

Let us know which app YOU prefer and why! These are incredibly useful if used diligently.

FREE Gummy Vitamin Sample

Hero Nutritionals is offering a free sample of their gummy vitamins!

As a parent, it’s always difficult to tell if your child is having a well rounded diet – as much as we may try. I rely on vitamins – specifically, gummy vitamins. They’re like candy – taste great, and super easy to give to your kids regularly.

Hero Nutritionals created THE FIRST gummy vitamin in 1997, Yummi Bears®, and they claim that they are still the best gummy vitamin out there. They select only the most pure, most nutritionally potent ingredients – free of allergens, gluten, and dairy – nothing artificial!


Yummi Bears® []

The purity of this product makes it an easy choice when it comes to vitamins – they’re easy + worry free.

This company is awesome – I’ve been perusing their site this morning, and they support incredible causes from the Max Love Project to the Ronald McDonald House to Autism Speaks.

Give their products a try with this free sample – their gummies range from a basic multivitamin to vitamin C, to immunity health, to fiber, to omega 3….dare I go on? If your child likes these, check out all their offerings!


Happy Monday AND Happy August, Everyone!

I am really starting to LOVE these “national holidays” because they are such an awesome way to shoot you all deals and discounts as well as some of my favorite inexpensive recipes!

With that said, here we are on August 3, #nationalwatermelonday – the perfect summer fruit for BBQ consumption and everyday snacking. The Anders’ are no strangers to this giant, healthy, treat.

First and foremost, did you know that pound for pound, watermelons are one of the CHEAPEST fruits or vegetables you can buy? says that, like most produce, prices vary depending on the season, but that you can usually pick up a watermelon for much less than 1 dollar per pound! So, when your store is selling giant 12-pounders for $3.99 each, that’s only 33 cents a pound!

Pro tip: always buy these whole if you want your bang for your buck! The store will certainly upcharge you for pre-cubed or sliced watermelon. Isn’t cutting it up half the fun?!

Moving on…I thought that since watermelon is SUCH a crowd pleaser, that I’d share some of my favorite kid-friendly recipes to make watermelon even more fun to eat.

1) Watermelon Pizza – WHAT?! Yes, watermelon pizza.


Watermelon Pizza []

This is so fun! If you slice up your watermelon into round circles, and the cut it up into 4 triangle slices, you’ve got yourself a personal watermelon pizza. Toppings? Easy! Top with your favorite fruits: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, etc. We love adding yogurt as well! Such a fun snack that the kids love putting together – great for pool days.

2) Watermelon Ice


Watermelon Ice []

TasteAndTell totally crushes it with this recipe that’s fun for kids and adults alike! It’s as easy as it sounds. Cube up some watermelon and toss them in the freezer. Take them out and use them as ice cubes in water for a refreshing drink – I love it in seltzer too! It’s the perfect way for a ‘sweet’ drink without all the junk.

3) Fresh Watermelon Salsa


Fresh Watermelon Salsa []

This is the perfect summer salsa recipe from Kraft! It’s super simple – chopper watermelon, chopped cucumbers, chopped red onions, cilantro, some dressing, and hot chiles to taste. Serve with tortilla chips (Check out my homemade tortilla chip recipe here!) for the perfect refreshing snack or appetizer! I find that this recipe is awesome for kids who are not quite on board with spicy flavors yet – you can tweak this to be as mild or hot as you please!

Hope this inspired all of you to take watermelon to the next level and celebrate #nationalwatermelonday! Have an awesome week 🙂

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