It’s insane how much money can be saved on a daily basis. Problem is – who has time to be extreme couponing or seeking out these deals every hour of every day? Sometimes you need to get in and out of the store with exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. LiveCheapFeelRich.com is my solution – I’ve scoured the internet to put an end to the myth that nothing is free. Here, you can read my own personal product reviews, find coupons for your favorite products and stores, seek out giveaways, and ask me any questions.

Some background on me: I’m a mother of 3 who still works part-time (and enjoy blogging!). Talk about short on time! I’m here to share some of my successes and create a network for anyone looking for some shortcuts – some ways to live cheaply without sacrificing!



  1. NaturallySimple says:

    Thank you for stoping by the Naturally Simple and liking my post. Please make sure you go and sign up to qualify for a free three month subscription of our monthly box. Also, please feel free to recommend brands to me and I will make sure I contact them so we can add them to our line-up. I’m always looking for suggestions.

    Again, thank you so much for the support and I look forward to connecting again.



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