FREE Friskies® 7 Sample!

Hey everyone!

Today my internet scouring has uncovered a fairly solid deal. I personally don’t have a cat (I’m super allergic) but I’m sure some of you do, and this sounds like a common cat food brand name in my eyes!

Looks like Friskies® by Purina® has a new flavor in the cat food game. Their new formula, “7” has 7 different flavors to blow your cat’s mind: chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp, and cheese. As they say, “it’ll bowl your cat over”.


Friskies® 7 []

Simply sign up and they’ll send you a free sample of it – go ahead and see if it tickles your cat’s fancy! Check it out here.

Who doesn’t like an internet cat video? Enjoy.

FREE Maleficent Printable Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets!

Nothing kills me more than the following two words: “I’m bored.”

Looking for a rainy day easy activity? An “I’m bored”? activity? Something that’s simple and doesn’t require money spent or effort to get into the car to drive somewhere? Print out these Maleficent coloring pages & activity sheets from for some entertainment. Pair it with the movie if your kids haven’t seen it yet! That’s at least 3 hours that ‘I’m bored” won’t be uttered in the household.

Activities include “spot the difference” (my favorite as a kid), mazes, and color ins. BYO crayons and you’re good to go.


Maleficent []

Chipotle: Friend or Faux?

And what a beautiful morning it is – BOGO Chipotle, ya’ll.



Friend or Faux is Chipotle’s latest marketing campaign. It’s a game designed to let customers learn about the difference between Chipotle’s ingredients & the ones commonly used in other fast food chains.

You can choose your favorite Chipotle menu item and another fast food chain item. You then get quizzed on ~20 ingredients and you have to choose which restaurant contains X ingredient. There are no penalties for getting answers incorrect – it’s simply a learning experience. At the end of the quiz, you get to see your score and a complete breakdown of the ingredients in each menu item. The value is here. It’s wildly jarring to see 100% “friendly ingredients” in Chipotle and not only less “friendly ingredients” in other fast food restaurants but also over 50% “faux ingredients”.

Wondering what classifies as a “faux ingredient”? Here’s some in a “bean burrito” from a “fast food chain” – I think we can all guess which.

  • Artificial Flavor – A chemical mixture that mimics a natural flavor but is derived from synthetic sources, rather than natural sources like plants or animals.
  • Caramel Color – Food coloring. Brown-colored substance made by heating sugar of any type (for example, corn syrup). Can be processed with ammonia and sulfur to intensify color. Used to intensify brown color in foods like beer, bread, buns, chocolate, cookies, coatings, desserts, gravy, pancakes, sauces, soft drinks (especially colas), and alcoholic beverages.
    [Adapted from AN A-Z GUIDE TO FOOD ADDITIVES © 2009 by Deanna M. Minich, Ph.D. Published by Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.]
  • Gelatin – Emulsifier, gelling agent, stabilizer, and thickener. Protein extracted by heating collagen found in bones, hide, hooves, connective tissues, and organs of animals (pigs, cows, fish, horses). Found in dry gelatin desserts, sausage casings, ice cream, and beverages.
    [Adapted from AN A-Z GUIDE TO FOOD ADDITIVES © 2009 by Deanna M. Minich, Ph.D. Published by Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.]
  • Natural Flavor – Obtained by physical processes that may result in unavoidable but unintentional changes in the chemical structures of the components of the flavorings. Natural flavoring complexes include the essential oil, essence, or extractive, protein hydrolysate distillate, or any product of roasting, heating, or enzyme action.
    [Adapted from A CONSUMER’S DICTIONARY OF FOOD ADDITIVES, 7th ED. © 2009 by Ruth Winter, M.S. Published by Three Rivers Press/Penguin Random House LLC.]

To name a few.

Grossed out yet? I sure was. I guess that’s the point of this promotion!

So after you finish the quiz and are successfully anti-all fast food besides Chipotle, you simply enter your first + last name and your mobile #. You’re texted and asked to opt into Chipotle tweets (promised no more than 4 a month, and can unsubscribe at any time) and then you are texted a coupon for a BOGO (buy one, get one) free offer for a burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos. Additionally, you’re entered into a sweeps drawing, where 50 people will get Chipotle for you AND a friend for a YEAR.

Hurry and sign up! This one’s hot!

Chipotle Friend or Faux

FREE Sample of L’Oreal Advanced Haircare

Another gem today!


The NEW L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Collection. (PRNewsFoto/L’Oreal Paris)

I’m not too picky about what shampoo and conditioner I buy for my family, but I definitely know what I prefer and do not prefer. Today I stumbled upon L’Oreal Advanced Haircare samples.

They allow you to select your main hair concern:

  • Frequently Straightened Hair
  • Damaged, Overprocessed Hair
  • Color Treated Hair
  • Normal or Dull Hair

From here, they’ll send you a free sample that works best for your needs, just for filling out a form!

I may find my new favorite today…

Check it out here!

Cottonelle®: Go Commando

Now here’s a fun marketing campaign I found this weekend! If there’s anything that we run out of rapidly in our house it’s toilet paper. Cottonelle® is offering free toilet paper to people who join their ‘Go Commando’ campaign.

A bit racy, but the campaign claims that their new CleanRipple® toilet paper has a texture that leaves you so clean that you have all the confidence to #gocommando. You can dare a friend on Facebook (or via email, or dare yourself) to get the free sample. It’s causing quite the buzz on social media as you can imagine! Check out their hashtag.

Join the movement here!


Go Commando

Yogi Tea! Yes, Please!


Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is a LEGIT brand, so I was SO PLEASED to find this free sample online. Based out of Oregon, Yogi Teas are made with natural and organic ingredients, and many are certified organic. They are based on a proven knowledge of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and modern science – they’re healthful and delicious – and functionally effective.

They have a plethora of options and you can send 2 complimentary teas to a friend (or to yourself), choosing between the following options:

  • All New
  • Energy
  • Green Tea
  • Healthy Glow
  • Relaxation
  • Well-being

How fun! Who would you send a free sample to?

Check it out here.

FREE Sample from Wise Company!


Wise Company

Here’s something interesting I found. Wise Company is a company that provides ready-made, freeze fried and dehydrated food for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Although I generally try to steer clear of processed things, I wouldn’t mind having some of this on hand! Whether something (knock on wood) terrible happens, or hey, even bringing camping with the family,  just in case, I think that this would be a great thing to have on hand. AND – it’s FREE. So why not?

Wise Company boasts the following perks to their product:

  • Easy to prepare – just add water.
  • Up to 25-year shelf life
  • High quality and great taste
  • Affordable and convinient

See more on their website:

Wise company is giving out FREE survival food samples (1 adult serving) just for filling out a form. Seems like a great concept.

Get yours here.

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