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Selling Old Electronics For Dummies



I am NOT a tech-savvy kind of woman, but I do tend to get the latest iPhone soon after it comes out. I find that I use my phone just SO MUCH that it’s worth it to me to splurge on the latest, fastest, nicest model.

I was cleaning out an old purse the other day and found my deactivated iPhone 5. It’s still in great shape – so I showed it to my husband and asked him if he knew anyone that could use it. His reply was that I was a total bozo and that I should sell it – guided me to

The process COULD NOT have been easier. I filled out a form explaining the condition of my phone, turned off some features, and cleared all my personal information off of it. In the same week, I was sent a prelabeled box and instructions. I put my phone inside, dropped it off at the post office, and a week later, had $84 added to my Amazon account.

No joke – that easy. Might as well have been free money. I reccommend this to ANYONE with old electronics around your house that you don’t use anymore. You’re sitting on a goldmine!

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