Are Beanie Babies Worth Anything?

If your storage area looks anything like mine, there are at least 3 plastic bins full of Ty’s Beanie Babies, all tags still on. Beanie Babies were THE collectible to have in the 90’s, and I’ll never forget racing to the store each time a new ‘class’ dropped to make sure that I had them all. And the rare/exclusive ones? Don’t even get me started how much were paid for those ‘have to have thems’.

At this point, the toys hold no sentimental value and are just taking up space, and I’m considering selling them on eBay. Before I pull the trigger, I took to some research around the internet to see if this was worth my time, and the information was so interesting that I’d like to share it with all of you readers!

The bad news: the mass produced, common Beanie Babies really aren’t worth much. This pricing guide let me know that these are generally only worth $0.50-$1 apiece []. IMO, still worth selling them to clear up some space and make some easy cash.

The good news: if you have ‘rare’ Beanie Babies, you’re in business. recently released an article noting the most valuable Beanie Babies – it’s SHOCKING! Check them out here, and listed below:

  • Employee Bear – $2,000-$3,000
  • Mystic the Unicorn – $1,800-$3,000
  • Chef Robuchon – $1,500-$2,500
  • #1 The Bear – $1,500-$2,000
  • Hong Kong Toy Fair 2010 – $800-$1,500
  • Patti the Platypus – $600-$1,500
  • MC Beanie – $500-1,500
  • Humphrey – $500-$1,200
  • Spot – $500-$1,100
  • Coral Casino – $500-$1,000
  • Peanut – $475-$700
  • Squealer – $400-$900
  • Teddy – $400-$900
  • Legs – $400-$750
  • Teddy (magenta) – $375-$900

Talk about a payday! Always check your specific Beanie Babies if you think it is a rare one – and if the tags and quality are intact? Even better.

Stay Healthy This Summer!

During my commute this morning – coughs.

Walking into my office this morning? Sneezing and common colds.


Free Sample of Emergen-C!

Who knew how common getting sick during the summertime was? I’ve got way too many upcoming events to deal with that sort of bump in the road for me, my husband, or any of my kids – what a hassle.

Call me crazy, but I’m a firm believer in Emergen-C and boosting vitamin C intake as a means to stay healthy and ward off such inconveniences. When I was browsing around to order a case of the most appealing flavor, I found an awesome deal. Looks like all you need to do is sign up and take a brief consumer survey and they’ll send you at least 1 free sample. Why not, right?

Free Emergen-C Sample!

The Honest Company

I was lucky enough to see Jessica Alba speak about her company, The Honest Company, at SXSW in Austin this past March. Knowing very little about The Honest Company going into the panel, Alba blew me away.



The company makes nontoxic, eco-friendly products for children and the household – generating $150 million in sales in 2014. Alba shed a ton of light on the chemicals introduced into our household on a daily basis by buying big name brands – attributing a lot of her own family’s allergies, rashes, etc. to contact with these toxic ingredients.

So much immediately hit home. From the fact that I have to  use clear, unscented detergents in my own home, to an immediate transition to organic upon having children. You want to provide the best products and keep them pure, safe, and happy. The Honest Company embodies this – their ethical products are what I’ve been using for my household needs since.

Alba was so incredibly well spoken and clearly passionate about her cause. I’ve been scouring the internet to find some snippets of her video, and all I could find were articles discussing how she debuted her latest haircut during this panel. ::sigh::

Lucky for all of you – The Honest Company is offering a FREE sample discovery kit of diapers, wipes, essentials and/or health & wellness products so you can check them out for yourself. Order your free trial and enjoy all of the amazing products that they have to offer. They’re so much more than just a famous face to the brand!

Click below to check it out!

The Honest Company – Trial