Store Brand vs. Brand Name

I never, ever have a problem buying store brand products. Frankly, I don’t think I’d ever notice a difference – but do other people? I did some research this morning to see if my desire for a slightly cheaper product is overriding my taste buds. Here’s what I found!

Thanks to Consumer Reports, I have some answers: Store Brand vs. Name Brand Taste Off

Trading big brands for store brands, you can save an average of 25% off of your groceries. In their study, they tested 19 products. In 10 cases, the product tied, in 8, brand name won, and in 1 case store brand won. I like my odds.

The top contenders for products you should buy store brand?

  • Broth – chicken, vegetable, etc. They vary so minimally from brand to brand that this is always a safe choice to buy whatever is cheapest
  • Bottled water – it’s all the same! As long as it’s filtered, you will be equally hydrated, whatever brand you decide.
  • Roasted Nuts – essentially interchangable – salty flavors you love are so consistent!
  • Cottage Cheese – this is my PERSONAL favorite! I love store brand cottage cheese.

Moral of the story: Try for yourself! See what passes for you and what doesn’t – buy cheaper when you can!


Decide for yourself. [willemsmarketing]

The Honest Company

I was lucky enough to see Jessica Alba speak about her company, The Honest Company, at SXSW in Austin this past March. Knowing very little about The Honest Company going into the panel, Alba blew me away.



The company makes nontoxic, eco-friendly products for children and the household – generating $150 million in sales in 2014. Alba shed a ton of light on the chemicals introduced into our household on a daily basis by buying big name brands – attributing a lot of her own family’s allergies, rashes, etc. to contact with these toxic ingredients.

So much immediately hit home. From the fact that I have to  use clear, unscented detergents in my own home, to an immediate transition to organic upon having children. You want to provide the best products and keep them pure, safe, and happy. The Honest Company embodies this – their ethical products are what I’ve been using for my household needs since.

Alba was so incredibly well spoken and clearly passionate about her cause. I’ve been scouring the internet to find some snippets of her video, and all I could find were articles discussing how she debuted her latest haircut during this panel. ::sigh::

Lucky for all of you – The Honest Company is offering a FREE sample discovery kit of diapers, wipes, essentials and/or health & wellness products so you can check them out for yourself. Order your free trial and enjoy all of the amazing products that they have to offer. They’re so much more than just a famous face to the brand!

Click below to check it out!

The Honest Company – Trial

Transitioning to Truvía®


I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am constantly being told conflicting things about what’s ‘healthy’. One of my biggest issues is how to handle my morning coffee. Personally, I’m not the kind of girl who is into black coffee – a little too strong for  me. Then I’m told to try to get out of the dairy game, opt for soy or almond milk. THEN – sweetening is a whole other story. I’d rather not use ‘normal’ sugar in my coffee, but I’m also being told that zero-calorie sweeteners have unsafe chemicals that can be cancer-causing in the long run. What’s a girl to do?

I’ve been doing some research, and Truvia® seems to be the solution. Truvia® is all natural – made from the stevia leaf – discovered hundred of years ago in Paraguay. Stevia is blended with Erythritol, a natural sweetener produced by a fermentation process – found in fruits like grapes and pears. It’s natural, MSG-free, diabetic friendly, gluten-free, and hey! Even Kosher. It’s got my stamp of approval!

I’ve transitioned to using Truvia® daily and the taste is just as good as anything else – and I don’t feel guilty or worried about it at all. To help you make the switch, they’re willing to send you two free sample sachets and a valuable coupon just for filling out a form.

Check it out here: Free Truvía® Sample

Get Clean for FREE with Dove

Personally, I’m not the kind of person who is brand consistent when it comes to showering or bathroom products. I am more of the kind of person who finds whatever is cheap on a shelf, smells it, and if it passes the sniff test – tosses it in the cart. The Dove campaign has been so heavily advertised on television lately that I was driven to check it out.

Dove has launched a campaign called the One Shower Challenge – they say to take one shower with Dove products and you’re guaranteed softer, smoother skin. “Join the 530k+ people participating in the #oneshowerchallenge NOW!”

Dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. Check it out here:

I’ll search anything with a hashtag. I took a cruise around Twitter and saw that people really were happy! Tried to protect some privacy here – don’t mind the strike-throughs. I’ll be checking this out to see how legit this product is – Dove generally never disappoints for me. Might as well check out their free sample below and take the challenge yourself too!


Dove Shower Challenge – Twitter Testimonials

See for yourself and prove it! Click here:

Dove One Shower Challenge

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