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FREE FOOD! No, but really.

The one thing better than getting a good deal is getting something for FREE. The one thing better than getting something for FREE is getting something for FREE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. That’s right.

This year I really capitalized on birthday week and signed up for 3 e-clubs in preparation. Then….then I reaped the rewards:

1) Jersey Mike’s Subs

When you sign up for the Jersey Mike’s Subs Email Club, you receive bi-monthly emails about specials, coupons, deals, featured sandwiches, etc. BUT, for your birthday, they send you a free sub & drink coupon. Sign up here!


Jersey Mike’s

2) Au Bon Pain

When you sign up for the Au Bon Pain eClub, you get a FREE travel mug, exclusive offers, FREE birthday lunch, anniversary gift, and insider news. I was a bit skeptical on my birthday when I walked in to get a salad. I generally like a ton of toppings and decided that since it was birthday week, I didn’t want to hold back. I maxed out my salad, and what would have usually been a $15 NYC make your own salad was ENTIRELY free. Too good to be true. Thanks, ABP! Sign up here!


Au Bon Pain

3) Benihana

Honestly, I am borderline reluctant to share this one because I feel like I have stumbled on TREASURE. For the past 4 years I have had this one up my sleeve. My favorite, favorite special occasion meal is Japanese Hibachi. It gets pretty pricey pretty quickly, so it is almost always saved for special occasions only. Here’s the secret: sign up for ‘The Chef’s Table’ with Benihana, and during your birthday month they will send you a $30 Birthday Certificate – no joke. That is an entire meal! And it is really that easy. Sign up here!