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Store Brand vs. Brand Name

I never, ever have a problem buying store brand products. Frankly, I don’t think I’d ever notice a difference – but do other people? I did some research this morning to see if my desire for a slightly cheaper product is overriding my taste buds. Here’s what I found!

Thanks to Consumer Reports, I have some answers: Store Brand vs. Name Brand Taste Off

Trading big brands for store brands, you can save an average of 25% off of your groceries. In their study, they tested 19 products. In 10 cases, the product tied, in 8, brand name won, and in 1 case store brand won. I like my odds.

The top contenders for products you should buy store brand?

  • Broth – chicken, vegetable, etc. They vary so minimally from brand to brand that this is always a safe choice to buy whatever is cheapest
  • Bottled water – it’s all the same! As long as it’s filtered, you will be equally hydrated, whatever brand you decide.
  • Roasted Nuts – essentially interchangable – salty flavors you love are so consistent!
  • Cottage Cheese – this is my PERSONAL favorite! I love store brand cottage cheese.

Moral of the story: Try for yourself! See what passes for you and what doesn’t – buy cheaper when you can!


Decide for yourself. [willemsmarketing]