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FREE Ors Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail

This is pretty awesome, even though it looks like a Greek yogurt packet (which I thought it was the first time I saw this sample).

Ors Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail is an easy and powerful DIY cocktail for healthy hair – you do the mixing. You pour in the 100% natural therapeutic oils that have been perfectly blended and measured to address your specific hair care problem and mix it in with the moisturizing shea butter conditioner – saying goodbye too dry, damaged, dull hair and scalp issues.

Three options:

Moisture Lock

Shine Booster

Scalp Relief

Choose your cocktail of choice and improve your hair drastically!

To try a free sample click here and scroll to the large text reading “TRY IT FOR FREE” – this will open a lightbox where you simply fill out some information about yourself and your hair and receive 1 free Ors Shealicious Hair Conditioning Cocktail. They’ll send you a coupon redeemable at Walmart, CVS, and/or Ulta. Why not? I’m always willing to give another conditioner a try 🙂

FREE Sample of Garnier® Fructis Full & Plush Haircare

Hey everyone! Solid brand name sample coming up for you.

Garnier® Fructis Full & Plush is a new haircare line that promises fuller, thicker hair that you can see, feel, and show-off. Fructis Full & Plush is their first haircare range with fibra-cylane™, pomegranate, and active fruits concentrate that penetrates and plumps hair for a full, voluptuous look. The result of using these products? 38% more hair mass, visible fullness, and luxurious thickness.

Anyways, get your free sample to check it out here and fill out a quick informational form.

FREE Aveda Invati™ Sample!

Hey readers!

This one is suuuuper legit! I love, love, love getting my hair done at Aveda salons – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, and I rarely feel guilty about it – their lower tiered hairdressers are always a GREAT deal (pro tip: never stay for the hair dry! Hair dressers often charge more for a dry and styling, but never tell you that!).

My favorite part about Aveda salons are their incredible products – the smell of them are so great and earthy and heavenly. I can’t get enough of them! I don’t generally buy them for myself, since they’re a little pricey.

That being said, they are giving out a FREE 3-step system sample pack for thinning hair: Invati exfoliating shampoo cleanses and renews the scalp, invati™ thickening conditioner weightlessly thickens hair from within, and invati™ scalp revitalizer helps you keep the hair you have longer.


Aveda Invati™ [http://invati.aveda.com/offers]

Aveda says that this formula reduces hair loss due to breakage in a 12-week clinical test of the Invati™ system. Not too shabby – who doesn’t want more volume?

Not only are they giving out these FREE samples, but they are also giving out FREE services as well at participating locations!

Here’s how to get your sample:

Here’s the printable offer that’s valid at  all participating locations (most Aveda salons)

Here’s the offer for salon services also valid at all participating locations

Go, go, go!

FREE Sample of L’Oreal Advanced Haircare

Another gem today!


The NEW L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Collection. (PRNewsFoto/L’Oreal Paris)

I’m not too picky about what shampoo and conditioner I buy for my family, but I definitely know what I prefer and do not prefer. Today I stumbled upon L’Oreal Advanced Haircare samples.

They allow you to select your main hair concern:

  • Frequently Straightened Hair
  • Damaged, Overprocessed Hair
  • Color Treated Hair
  • Normal or Dull Hair

From here, they’ll send you a free sample that works best for your needs, just for filling out a form!

I may find my new favorite today…

Check it out here!