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Happy Wednesday, Readers!

I have a confession to make. I have not yet revealed to you that…I…am…a….crazy dog lady. Being that it is #NationalDogDay, it seemed only fitting to unveil myself, and my fur baby, Millie.



I have some solid discount deals and ideas for doggy ownership, but I’ll also tell you this: don’t cheap out on your pets food. A well-balanced, good food makes for a happy, healthy dog with a lifespan to boot. Don’t buy the cheapest food. Don’t buy the cheapest treats. Do the following:


Chewy.com is an incredible resource for everything dog. Once you’re on their mailing list, they are constantly sending coupons and discounted deals. Shipping (1-2 days) is FREE with any purchase $49+ (hello, dog food). You can also set up autoshipments if you know the approximate time span in which you’ll need more food or particular item – this discounts you even more. I can’t recommend this site highly enough – they’re efficient and they have EVERYTHING. Millie is allergic to chicken and eats a relatively obscure all-fish food (quite stinky, but anything to please her) – Chewy not only has it, but has it in 3 sizes, and ships it to me, usually, in 24 hours.


As if having a Bernese Mountain Dog on their signup screen isn’t enough…Doggyloot is pretty awesome. I call it ‘Groupon for dogs’. They send a daily email with discounted treats and toys, deals generally run for about 24 hours. Millie LOVES Zuke’s Treats, which can be fairly expensive at about $8 a bag. Doggyloot often sells two of these bags for that price. Yes, please! I always check these emails to see if any of her favorites are discounted. Added bonus? The packaging that it comes in is addressed to Millie. Love it.

So celebrate today, use these new resources, and celebrate your furry friend, because we all know that dogs are supreme, incredible beings with relentless love. Happy #NationalDogDay!