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If you’re anything like me, you know that every year, Chipotle offers awesome discounts for coming in costume, but each year, the rules are a little different. I’m here to clue you in to how this year’s BOOrito is going to work!

As we learned from Chipotle’s Friend or Faux promotion, the chain is vehemently against unnecessary additives in their food, and are doing all that they can to show just how unimportant they are to your meals. To further promote this concept, this Halloween, from 5pm-close, Chipotle asks you to spook them by adding something unnecessary to your costume to score a $3 burrito!

In this super fun video titled “Unneces-scary”, you can enter the nightmare of one Chipotle customer who discovers what Chipotle would be like if they served processed fast food rather than cooking by hand.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our article feature image to get a feel for some unnecessary costume additions! Enjoy!

Vitacost: So Many Free Samples!

Stumbling around the internet today, I found this seemingly awesome outlet for free and discounted products: Vitacost.com

On the free sample section of their site, products are free of charge for a single unit, though shipping fees apply ($4.99). BUT there are about 20 free samples to choose from at any time, so I would say that’s totally worth it!

From Tom’s all natural products, to vitamins, to protein powder, to Kind Bars – there are so many things I would love to try on this site to product test before I ever purchased full size.

Even better, when you are ready to purchase full-size product, this site has incredible deals – so you can go right back to the source you initially found the product on for purchase!

Vitacost prides themselves on a few things:

  • Best prices
    • Vitacost offers savings up to 50% off of retail on the healthy products you want and need, including vitamins, supplements, health foods, sports nutrition products, bath & body favorites, even home and pet products.
  • Endless product selection
    • Vitacost carries over 45,000 different selections of healthy products! If they don’t carry what you’re looking for, just get in touch with the, and they will make the magic happen.
  • Easy shipping
    • For orders over $49, free! For anythign else, only $4.99.
  • Top-ranked customer service
    • In the book of Linda Anders, this is the most important quality in a company. Vitacost has an online Help Center as well as a toll free phone service from 8am to 9pm.

Check it out, let us know what you think!

FREE Items at Long John Silver’s!

Remember last week when I mentioned that you can get free Krispy Kreme donuts on #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay?

Great news: other places are hopping on board too! Do a tour of your local chains, and you’ll be stuffed to the brim!

At Long John Silver’s you can grab a free snack or a meal for talking or dressing like a pirate!

If you talk like a pirate: Receive a FREE fish or chicken tender!

If you dress like a pirate: Receive a FREE 2-piece fish or chicken tender basket!

Don’t forget to tag your photos #LJSPIRATEDAY to be featured on their site and win prizes!

Check out any further details here and start counting down to 9/19! Arrrrghhhh!

FREE Lindsay Olives!

What’s that food that you just….don’t like? Mine, for YEARS, was olives. I so badly wanted to like them, and wasn’t sure why I didn’t. I love other briney foods like pickles, and, as someone who tries to limit their meat intake, so many salads and veggie laden meals are filled with olives. I’m so far from a picky eater and felt, honestly, annoying, to have to ask for special orders WITHOUT olives.

I used to firmly believe in the ‘Olive Theory’ from How I Met Your Mother – no joke. The olive theory came about because Marshall, a husband in the show, hates lives, but his wife, Lily, loves them – in essence, they thought this made them a great couple – a perfect balance. Opposites attract, some may say. This was definitely the case with my husband and I – he loves olives.

Over the years, I realized that not being able to share something he loves is less fun than having ‘the perfect balance’ and I set out on a mission to like olives. As two college psycology majors, we made it happen. SummerTomato.com explains the thought process of overcoming an aversion REALLY WELL.

STEP 1: Knowing that you have a problem. Just kidding! The first step is deciding that there is value in enjoying a food you currently do not enjoy. Foods are worth discovering for taste and culture!

STEP 2: Dedicate yourself to keep trying the rejected food until you find it prepared in a way that you like. I PROMISE that there will be a way you like this, even if it is deep-fried and covered in a sauce. You’ll find one. Each time you try a new way, your taste will become more acclimated to the flavor and the aversion will dissipate.

That’s it. Keep trying! My husband swears that if you try something 22 times, then you’ll like it. Whatever the magical number is, I hit it. I can’t get enough olives now and I love every single variety in every form. One of my favorite forms is just the plain black olives, straight from the can. Does that make me crazy? I hope not.

Join me in this obsession by getting 4 FREE Lindsay Olive Products (up to $2.49 each). Unfortunately, this only works in certain states, but you are sure in luck if you live in one of them!







Print your coupons here now! Enjoy!


It seems like every single day there is a new “national something day” – frankly, I’m not mad about it. Generally, so many people buy into it that there are TONS of deals, and, if nothing else, dinner inspiration for the family that night.

So here we are celebrating #nationalchickenwingday!

Time.com released an article today with all the best deals from restaurants around the country on chicken wings. Here they are! Hopefully one of these restaurants is in your area:

Black Angus Steakhouse: The National Chicken Wing Day deal, announced to those who signed up for this 45-location chain’s promotional emails, is $9 for a dozen wings and a 16-ounce draft beer.

Beef O’Brady’s: Order 10 wings, get an extra five for free; order 20 wings, get an extra 10 for free; and so on.

East Coast Wings: Get six free wings with every adult entrée purchase on Wednesday.

Glory Days Grill: This sports bar restaurant with franchises in Florida, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia is hosting a special of $5 for a half-dozen wings, any style.

Hooters: An all-you-can-eat wing deal is priced at $12.99 for boneless, $14.99 for traditional bone-in wings.

Hurricane Grill & Wings: All-you-can-eat wings for $12.99.

Ker’s Winghouse: Buy 10 wings, get five free at this wing specialty restaurant with roughly two dozen locations in Florida.

Wings-N-Things: Buy one traditional wing meal with a drink on Wednesday, and a second meal (with drink) is free at this wing chain clustered around San Diego.

Sidenote: I know that Hooters gets a bad rap, but frankly, I think their wings (and all food) is unbeatable among competitors. Don’t tell anyone my secret!

If none of these spots are near you, celebrate #nationalchickenwingday at home! They are crazy easy to make and very inexpensive. Sure to please! Here’s two favorites in my house:

Skinnymom.com Skinny Hot Wings:


Skinny Hot Wings [http://www.skinnymom.com/skinny-hot-wings/]

Don’t tell the rest of the family, but these ‘skinny’ hot wings are all the taste and none of the calories. Perfect guilty pleasure without any of the guilt!

You only use a little bit of flour and butter, and the rest is mostly spices and hot sauce – big flavor! They are baked, not fried, coming in at only 250 calories for 5 wings total. Not too shabby!

Not all kids (or people in general) love hot wings though, so I also wanted to include a more savory, less spicy wing recipe that is well-received in our home.

Carlsbadcraving.com’s Baked General Tso’s Sticky Wings


Baked Sticky General Tso’s Chicken Wings [http://www.carlsbadcravings.com/baked-sticky-general-tsos-chicken-wings/]

Who’s favorite meal from Chinese ISN’T General Tso’s Chicken? It is always a staple on Chinese takeout nights, but these flavors are so easy to get in your very own home. Like the hot wings, this recipe is baked, not fried. No guilt should be felt with this recipe! These are super tasty and very, very popular.

Heck, make them both tonight!

Enjoy yet another “day”, everyone with #nationalchickenwingday!