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Reusable Keurig Cups

Now there’s an idea! Although a Keurig machine is already a budget way to get your daily caffeine intake instead of running to the nearest Starbucks, you can make this even MORE budget friendly.

Groupon Goods is running an incredible deal today for Ekobrew Reusable Filters for Keurig machines.

With it, you get two reusable filters, that you can fill with the ground coffee of  your choice – from wherever you want, for however much you want to pay. You can use this just as you use Keurig cups and then reuse the filter next time.

Not only is this a  budget idea, but environmentally friendly too!


Just noticed it’s #nationaljunkfoodday. So soon after Sunday’s #nationalicecreamday? Here’s some healthier hacks for some of my personal favorite junky foods. Enjoy!

1. Nachos

I recently discovered that homemade tortilla chips are not only SUPER easy to make, but also (in my opinion) tastier AND much healthier. You should be able to find uncooked corn tortillas in your local grocery store. Simply quarter the circles, spray some Pam on a cooking sheet, lay down the quarters, spray some Pam on top, and then season to your liking. For me, a little bit of salt was enough. Pop them in the oven at 400, and keep an eye on them, you’ll notice when they’re done. Voila, chips. Add your favorite healthy toppings! My favorites? Black beans, avocado, plain Greek yogurt, and pickled jalapenos. Miss cheese? Luckily, when you make your own nachos, you’re in control of the type and amount you put on – go for it!


Healthy Nachos

2. Pizza

When it comes down to it, there is really no replacement for junky, cheesy, oily pizza. BUT, you can find similar satisfaction with cauliflower crust pizza, I promise. It’s a lot to type out and explain, so check out my favorite cauliflower pizza recipe here. Eat an entire one to yourself and don’t even TRY to feel guilty about it.


Cauliflower Crust Pizza

3. Soda

Personally, I gave up soda years ago. I was a hardcore Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper aficionado and I never, ever thought I’d be able to last. I replaced my diet sodas with flavored seltzer water and lemon water, and honestly, I rarely miss it. I love seltzer water so much that I’m looking into a soda stream to make my own. Does anyone have experience with one? Please share!


Soda Stream

4. Dessert

All of them. I love all of them. It’s really difficult to eat a piece of fruit and claim it fills the void of dessert. Here’s some links to recipes that I find are at least healthier for a sweet tooth:

Hummingbird Muffins/Cupcakes – these are awesome. Chockfull of fruits and nuts (use whole wheat flour to be even healthier) these are all the pleasure without as much guilt. Top with a whipped cream cheese if you want some icing!

Banana Ice Cream – one ingredient. You read that right! You’ll need a food processor, and that’s about it.

Cool Whip Sandwiches – I’ll always remember this as the greatest Weight Watchers recipe EVER! It couldn’t be easier and it’s absolutely fantastic.