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Free JustGoGirl Sample

Brooke Solis created JustGoGirl because she knows first-handedly what it’s like to be a mom & an athlete. Menstruation pads aren’t made for fitness leaks at all, and for this day’s woman, she sought to find a solution for the active woman. She built JustGoGirl, focusing on one thing only: helping women get back to their active lifestyles. If you give someone the tools they need to live the life they want, you’ll never have to hold back.

Inspirational and practical! These pads are made for women who experience fitness leaks, which generally occur if you’ve just given birth or have started a weight-loss workout program. They’re triggered by strenuous activities and are extremely common – roughly 1 in 3 women experience this type of incontinence.

Fitness leaks require different absorption techniques and odor-fighting properties than menstruation pags. They call for exercise incontinence pads that are invisible in the back and incredibly absorbent in the front. The JustGo Pad™ holds up to 140ml of fluid, and they guarantee that you’ll never come close to leaking that much while exercising. They are light, comfortable, and invisible.

Sold yet? If you aren’t, try a free sample – simply fill out your shipping address and get a free sample pack right to your door.

Goodnites $4 Off Coupon

So I just had a pretty awesome first “Twitter Party” experience for #ConfidentKids promoting Goodnites Tru-Fit machine washable underwear. These are for older kids who are still having bed-wetting issues, as they use absorbent inserts for outstanding nighttime protection.

Honestly, I’ve experienced delayed potty training once in my family, and I can tell you it’s tough. Tough for both me as a mom in terms of maintenance and exhausting efforts to stop it, and tough for my daughter as she struggled with confidence issues, delayed and avoided sleepovers and any overnight social event. Crippling for us both!

Goodnites are discreet and look just like real undies – the other kids won’t know, and your kid won’t feel like a baby having to wear diapers or pullups. Definitely an awesome option for bedwetters.


Goodnites Tru-Fit [goodnites.com]

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