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Free Nature’s One® Product

Nature’s One® is a pioneer in the organic medical nutrition category introducing the first organic baby formula to the United States in 1999 under the brand Baby’s Only Organic®.

From day 1, Nature’s One® has heavily invested in research and development to offer the very best in organic and nutritional science. The products are sold nationwide and internationally through a wide range of retail outlets and medical suppliers.

Nature’s One® is giving out free samples – a complimentary can of Baby’s Only Organic® or PediaSmart® products.  A $5.95 shipping fee applies to these two products.  If you prefer to try PediaVance®, this ships FREE!

You can see the full list here and see what is best for your needs. Once you select your product, you simply complete a quick survey. Once completed, you will receive a coupon code at the email address provided. This code will be available for use through NaturesOne.com.

Try out organic products and be the judge of whether or not they are worth the extra buck – you may be surprised…

FREE Creamy Bites® Sample

Here’s a great free sample for you all to check out.

Creamy Bites® are a dietary supplement that supplies the absorbent calcium and vitamin D3 needed to built and maintain strong bones. They come in two flavors – lemon cream and chocolate fudge!


Creamy Bites® [http://www.creamybites.com/]

They are only 40 calories per bite and assure and support the amount of daily calcium that you need in  your diet – it’s appealing to both children and adults! They’re very digestible, so they can be taken with or without food – no gas or bloating either.

Strong bones begins during childhood – so don’t skip on making sure your kids get enough of it. 90% of your bone mass is created before age 17!

If you’re at all concerned that you aren’t getting enough calcium in your daily diet, this is a great option for you – and you can get a free sample here to try them out. Give it a go!