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Free JustGoGirl Sample

Brooke Solis created JustGoGirl because she knows first-handedly what it’s like to be a mom & an athlete. Menstruation pads aren’t made for fitness leaks at all, and for this day’s woman, she sought to find a solution for the active woman. She built JustGoGirl, focusing on one thing only: helping women get back to their active lifestyles. If you give someone the tools they need to live the life they want, you’ll never have to hold back.

Inspirational and practical! These pads are made for women who experience fitness leaks, which generally occur if you’ve just given birth or have started a weight-loss workout program. They’re triggered by strenuous activities and are extremely common – roughly 1 in 3 women experience this type of incontinence.

Fitness leaks require different absorption techniques and odor-fighting properties than menstruation pags. They call for exercise incontinence pads that are invisible in the back and incredibly absorbent in the front. The JustGo Pad™ holds up to 140ml of fluid, and they guarantee that you’ll never come close to leaking that much while exercising. They are light, comfortable, and invisible.

Sold yet? If you aren’t, try a free sample – simply fill out your shipping address and get a free sample pack right to your door.

FREE Samples for ‘That Time of the Month’

Hey everyone! Happy Monday, hope you all had an incredible weekend!

I’ve been finding a bunch of free tampon, pad, and pantyliner samples around lately, and figured that I would compile them all together for you all. Happy sampling!

U By Kotex


U By Kotex [https://www.ubykotex.com/get-a-sample]

U By Kotex is giving out their ‘Ultra Thin Pads’ free sample package. This includes 1 CleanWear® Regular Pad, 1 CleanWear® Heavy Flow Pad, 1 Security Regular Pad with Wings, 1 Security Long Pad, and 1 U By Kotex Barely There® Liners! It’s a pretty extensive sample package just for filling out this form – check it out!

Playtex Sports Package


Playtex Sport [pmsnewswire.com]

Playtex has been a long time better in the ‘sports protection’ game, and they’re giving out free samples of their Playtex® Sport® Pads, Liners and Combo Pack of your choice by filling out this form.



Poise Sample Kits [https://www.poise.com/samples-and-offers/samples]

Poise is giving out two different sample kits. The first is called the “Poise Liner Sample Kit” and is ideal for women with lighter bladder leaks. It includes 1 Poise Microliner Regular, 1 Poise Liner Long Length, and 1 Poise Ultra Thin Pad. Request that sample here here. Poise is also giving out the “Poise Pad Sample Kit” where you can enjoy an ideal balance of comfort and protection. This includes 1 Poise Thin-Shape Moderate Pad and 1 Poise Maximum Pad. Request that sample here.

There you have it ladies! If you aren’t totally pleased by the products you’re using, this is an awesome way to try some new brands and find what is right for you.