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FREE Dippin’ Dots

What a novelty Dippin’ Dots are! They claim to have re-invented one of the world’s best known treats: ice cream. By flash freezing little beads, what’s been created is an even more fun way to eat ice cream – loved by kids of all ages for more than two decades.

If you join the Dot Crazy!® Email & Rewards Club, you get free interactive games, learn about the latest deals and promotions, earn points towards awesome rewards, and, most importantly, you’ll be sent FREE Dippin’ Dots on your birthday!

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FREE Pizza Hut Cheese Sticks

Tough to turn down free cheese sticks.

Here’s what’s up! If you sign up to become a Hut Lovers® Member, you’ll immediately be emailed a coupon for FREE Pizza Hut’s Cheese Sticks — fresh oven-baked dough smothered with cheese and sprinkled with Italian seasoning – served with a side of marinara sauce.

It’s important, first, to understand what Hut Lovers® Membership entails – you’ll be provided with coupons and promotions via email a few times a week. It also allows faster online ordering and remembers recent orders. I know that Pizza Hut is generally my go-to for the kids’ sleepovers – is there any easier meal than pizza for a group of 3-5 kids? If your answer is yes, please let me know what it is 🙂

Sign up here to join and start saving now! You can always opt-out after you get your free cheese sticks if you aren’t feeling it!