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That’s a mouthful, but my calendar tells me that it is National Second Hand Clothing Day. I have a lot of feelings about second hand clothes. They range from: “No, thank you” to “Wow, that’s a stunning vintage jacket. Where’d you get it?”

I decided to take some time on this holiday to check out the best thrifting tips. Huffington Post has a great article listing 27 tips for secondhand shopping, here’s some of my favorites:

  • Bring a set amount of money
    • This tip exists solely because once you hit the jackpot at a store, you’re going to feel like you’re getting SUCH awesome deals, that money doesn’t even matter. Money is still money, decide how much you’re willing to spend prior to your shopping trip.
  • Don’t rule out the unusual
    • Don’t like the color of some pants? Small stain on a shirt? Nothing that some clothing dye, or even a good scrub can’t fix. Get crafty.
  • Come dressed to shop
    • A lot of these places don’t have dressing rooms, so don’t forget to layer up and be practical.
  • When you get home, wash it
    • Clothing and bedding should be washed int he machine with warm water or sent to the dry cleaner. That blazer may be awesome, but you certainly don’t know where it’s been.

On the flip side, make some extra cash by selling clothes that you don’t wear! Mashable crushes this concept with their list of awesome sites that allow this to happen easily and quickly. Here’s a few highlights:


Threadflip is scaling very quickly. You can search and sell by category or brand. This  makes Threadflip the best option for you if you are looking for something very specific. You also keep 80% of each sale, which is pretty solid.


Tradesy is a good option! You can find some nice brands on there and browse by brands specifically. The best part about Tradesy? They only take about 9% of each sale – which is less than any other similar site.


For those of you who are skeptical (and a little grossed out) by second hand clothing, this is probably your best bet. This is for unused or hardly used clothing specifically. It doesn’t allow users to sell directly to each other, but rather, works kind of like a consignment shop. They buy the clothes from you and then resells to the community. They note that this is especially great for their kid’s section – perfect for selling those clothes that fit your rapidly growing children for, oh, 2 months.

So there you have it everyone – do you have any top second hand clothing tips? Where do you buy and sell from the most? Share with us!